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Are you planning a 1st Birthday party and do not know what to do?
Good entertainers are not cheap and know that putting on a show for 1 year olds is absolutely pointless.
We do of course entertain at Christenings and the advice below is for when only babies or toddlers are present.
With the assistance of
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We have put together a list of party games that you can organise at your child's 1st Birthday Party
When the child is 3 give us a ring and we would love to entertain them

Bubble popping
Use a bubble machine (or a couple of adults with bubble mixture pots) to blow bubbles over the children. Young children have a fascination with bubbles and can either watch them or try and pop them.

Scrunch the wrapping paper
After opening presents, young children are usually more interested in the paper than the present itself. See how many sounds you can make with the paper and use words like ‘scrunch, crunch, rustle and crinkle' with the children and encourage them to make those sounds too.

Make a tent
Use an old large flat sheet and four chairs. Stretch the sheet across the chairs and get an adult to sit on the corner of the sheet on each chair seat to stop the chairs being pulled down. The children can take a toy into the tent and the adults are ideally placed to monitor the play inside.

Actions rhymes
Organise a good old sing song and if the songs have actions or noises even better. Try ‘The Wheels on the Bus', ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm', ‘Row your boat', ‘Ring a Ring a Roses' or ‘The Grand Old Duke of York' and get everyone marching around the room.

Roll the ball
An adult stands with legs apart and a child is encouraged to roll a ball through the adults legs. If the ball is returned by someone the other side this game can escalate into crawling through and around legs. The game is particularly funny to a child if an adult is willing to get down and try too!

Bean bag balancing
Demonstrate how to balance a bean bag on your head, shoulder, arm and encourage the children to join in. This is not only a simple game but great for developing the children's coordination too!

Posting game
Use a cardboard box with a sealed down lid and cut a hole in the top. Collect together bean bags, balls, toys or even socks and let the children post them into the box. Children who are one love to empty and refill containers. This can be developed by an adult feigning horror “Oh no!” when the contents are once again tipped up and emptied out.

Memory book
Ask your guests to write their thoughts and memories of your baby's first year in a book. This can include your child's friends too. With adult help they will be able to use a pencil or pen to make marks on a page. The book can be added to by later including photographs taken at the party. A very special way for your child to see what happened at their first birthday party when they are older.

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